Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 the Somerset HA has adjourned the AGM until 7th September 2020 where it will be held alongside the first Somerset Clubs Forum meeting.

The officers reports for the meeting and agenda can be found as below. If you have any comments on the reports please do email the secretary.

As we cannot formally elect the committee for the forthcoming season until we hold the AGM any existing officers will continue to perform their tasks and any new officers will work alongside retiring officers until officially elected on. Nominated officers for the new season can be found on the Agenda.

Somerset Hockey Association AGM 2020 Agenda
SHA AGM Treasurers Report May 2020
Profit and Loss Comparison 2019 to 2020
SHA AGM Competitions Report May 2020
Somerset HA AGM EH Report 2020
SHA AGM West Club’s Womens League Report May 2020
SHA AGM West Rep’s Report May 2020
SHA AGM West Masters Reports May 2020