Frome Hockey club are organising a mixed walking hockey event on Saturday July 13th .  11am – 3.30pm

Walking Hockey is exactly as the name suggests – you play Hockey, walking. But it is not a slow game in any sense just a well paced game which requires different skills and with the pitch and goals being smaller a eye for detail.

Although a social competition there is a trophy to be won at the end.  With  teams of 7 on the pitch, max 3 males at any one time, no goalies and any player from the age of 14 can take part.  It is a great club game as it allows families to play together and take part.

We are looking forward to teams from local clubs coming and taking part but if families or groups of friends want to enter a team and take part then all are welcome.

The cost to enter is £45 per team, max 10 players to a squad.  If you have spare players who are happy to make up another team and compete with others there is an entry fee of £5 per head.

Walking hockey is a great fun event which any age can play.  I hope your club  will join us and take part in a growing hockey activity.

Please get in touch if you are interested: Teresa,  Frome Hockey Club Secretary.  Email