Development Centre

Player Pathway Administrator – HOLLY TYSON.  sha-jUNIORcOUNTYhOCKEY@OUTLOOK.COM

Development Centres are local training centres for the U13 to U16 age groups. Development Centres are open to any hockey player who has been nominated by their club, school or coach. After playing for a club or school, attending a Development Centre is the next step on hockey’s Player Pathway. The coach or teacher can nominate a player to attend an assessment for a Development Centre if and when they think it is appropriate for the player’s development Please click on the relevant tabs below and more information for each age group will be displayed below the tabs.

Your child has been nominated to attend one of the Somerset Hockey Development Centre as they have been working hard with their hockey and have shown some potential. This is the first step on the England Hockey Player Pathway, further information on this can be found on the England Hockey Website.

Players must be nominated by a school or club to be able to take part in the Development Centres.

Players will receive six weeks of training which serve as a development opportunity to progress their hockey as well as an assessment to gain a nomination from the Somerset coaches to attend a trial for our Academy Centre next September.

Age Groups

For the England Hockey Player Pathway we work in year of birth and not school year therefore this is how the groups work;

U13 – 2008 birthdays
U14 – 2007 birthdays
U15 –  2006 birthdays
U16 –  2005 birthdays – (Can attend with U15’s or be directly nominated to AC Assessment)
U17 – 2004 birthdays – (Will be directly nominated to AC Assessment – would encourage this age group to find some senior summer hockey to play)