Academy Centre

The Academy Centres this year are revamped from the previous JAC and JRPC as we move to the new England Hockey Player Pathway.

The Performance Centres have run since January with great success. The aim in Somerset, is to run the Academy Centres in a similar way to the Performance Centres to ensure we are developing our young players to give them every opportunity to progress. With this in mind, the numbers at the Academy Centres will be lower than in the previous JAC’s. There will be more training, competition plus workshops available.

To give everyone an idea of the standard, the players that are at the Performance Centres are like the top 4 (ish) players from each age group in each county. These players would have previously been at JRPC. The next 10-12 players from each county that would have previously been at a JRPC will now be at an Academy Centre. This will mean that the standard at AC will be much higher than at the previous JAC.

Further information about the Player Pathway can be found here CLICK HERE

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Our County Welfare Officer is Sheila Burridge. If you have any concerns then please contact her

By your child attending the Academy Centre you agree to abide by our England Hockey Code of Behaviour for Spectators and Parents CLICK HERE

Coaching Groups

If you are unable to attend a session then please contact your coach directly. Please give availability to your coach for competition so they are able to plan in advance. The contact details for coaches are on the individual group pages. There will be a head coach and lead coach that will work as a coaching team between two age groups to give players more access to top level coaches as well as developing our coaching team.

Selected players will receive an invoice through Paypal and will have their online account updated to show they are in the Academy Centre.