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The Academy Centres this year are revamped from the previous JAC and JRPC as we move to the new England Hockey Player Pathway.

The Performance Centres have run since January with great success. The aim in Somerset, is to run the Academy Centres in a similar way to the Performance Centres to ensure we are developing our young players to give them every opportunity to progress. With this in mind, the numbers at the Academy Centres will be lower than in the previous JAC’s. There will be more training, competition plus workshops available.

To give everyone an idea of the standard, the players that are at the Performance Centres are like the top 4 (ish) players from each age group in each county. These players would have previously been at JRPC. The next 10-12 players from each county that would have previously been at a JRPC will now be at an Academy Centre. This will mean that the standard at AC will be much higher than at the previous JAC.


Selected Players for Academy Centre

Information for what you need to do next will be posted on Monday, including payment options and how to book onto workshops.

All players that attended the assessment day but were not selected will have already been sent their feedback before the selected list is posted below.

Girls selected players CLICK HERE

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Further information on registration and payment will be posted on Monday

By attending this day you agree to abide by our England Hockey Code of Behaviour for Spectators and Parents CLICK HERE


What are we looking for? – the Overarching Principles

At AC level we are not looking for all of these but this is what is being developed and where the top level players are


AC Training

Training, Competition and Workshop Dates CLICK HERE

There will be a coaching team for the AC. There will be a Head Coach who will oversee two groups plus a Lead Coach that will work with them. At least one of these will also be a Performance Centre coach. Each group will have it’s own Assistant Coach who will remain with them. Although we are player centred and focused on developing the players, we need to develop coaches for this to happen.

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This is what we are aiming for within the sessions and getting the coaches to have both implicit and explicit learning outcomes.